Les Retrouvailles - SNCF Réseau (Dwarf-Labs)
3D Character Animator
Software: Maya 2015, Shotgun
OS: Linux
Animation: Keyframe


  • 00:00 - 00:07
    I animated (100% keyframe) this first shot based on the given storyboard. I worked on the character for which I created a walk cycle that I tweaked for other shots.I also worked ons the props and the big hand.
  • 00:14 - 00:19
    This shot was animated (100% keyframe) by using the walk cycle I had previously created on which I added the stumble of the character. Also worked on the props.
  • 00:27 - 00:30
    I only animated the tire on the foreground.
  • 00:30 - 00:34
    On this one the goal was to feel the effort of the character struggling to walk in the snow and pulling his "Roller Caravan".
  • 00:37 - 00:42
    For these shots I re-used the previously created walk cycle and adapted it to follow the path on the grass. On the following medium shot, I paid attention to details on the feet and all the props subtle movements.